Optativa | 10 ECTS | lecionada em inglês, comum ao mestrado em Património


2.º semestre, às sextas, das 18h às 21h


Carlos Vargas

Objetivos da unidade curricular

Cities are now a privileged stage for the promotion of cultural heritage, for the contemporary creation, for the development of diverse cultural practices but also for the consolidation of a cultural democracy that combinesartistic practices with the fruition by its citizens. Moreover, the cultural policies of cities are real mechanisms that contribute to its strategic development, while the culture and the arts contribute to the promotion of cities at a national and international level. It is therefore important to analyze many of these dynamics taking into account the different local realities but comparing national experiences with various international case studies.

Conteúdos programáticos

  • I Part – Definitions: Cities, Culture and Art
  • II Part – Interaction:Cities producing culture; Arts and culture as factors of re-producing towns;
  • III Part – Cities and policies; Creative cities; Cultural cities; Cultural quarters
  • IV Part – Case Studies